About Kau Manor

The Mansion

This winter the main building (mansion) is being renovated, keeping in mind its original era. Kau Mansion has an eclectic architecture, showing different architectural styles from medieval cellars to classicism. The medieval vault will be turned into the wine cellar. On the ground floor there is a light and airy restaurant with three halls and two summer terraces, the fireplace room, the banquet and conference hall and the cigar room. On the second and third floor there are 11 cosy guestrooms with different interiors and a library with the Baltic German theme.

The world-famous explorer and seafarer Otto von Kotzebue (1787-1835) was born in Kau Manor. In cooperation with the History Museum, Kotzebue’s belongings will be put on display in the mansion. In addition, there are some Louis Choris’ coloured engravings that once belonged to Kotzebue and were painted on their several round-the-world voyages in the Manor’s possession, which will also be exhibited.

Manor restaurant

Kau Manor restaurant menu’s emphasis is on organic food and local produce. Many herbs are grown in the manor’s garden or greenhouse in order to offer our guests fresh, local and healthy food. The restaurant has a bread oven where fresh bread is baked for the visitors.

The restaurant, terraces and garden pavilion in the manor park can be reserved for celebrations or weddings.

In cooperation with the best experts of their fields, wine and cookery courses will be organised in the manor. Find more information about the courses shortly on Kau Manor homepage.

Banquet and Conference hall

In the south-east wing of Kau Mansion, there is a light and airy conference hall for 90 people. It has a Full-HD projector, Dolby sound system and everything you need for holding a modern conference. Its big windows open to the apple orchard and the beautiful park.

The atmosphere and location of Kau Manor creates ideal conditions for creative courses. We plan to hold photography courses, taught by top photographers from all over the world. These photographers cooperate with the magazine National Geographic and Magnum photography agency. In addition, there will be film courses for directors, operators and actors as well as art courses held by renowned painters, graphic artists, sculptors, etc.

Information about the courses and workshops in Kau Manor follows shortly!

Baltic German Centre and Library

The aim of the Baltic German Centre and Library is to encourage and preserve the Baltic German culture in Kau Manor. The library holds over 3000 unique books on the topic of Baltic Germans.

Guest rooms

The Kau Mansion has 11 spacious double and twin rooms. Every room is unique, designed according to the historical styles of different construction periods. The mansion’s interior design project was designed by architect Aet Maasik and received the Heritage Protection award in 2010. The furniture is carefully selected, taking into account the building’s historical atmosphere and peculiarities. Kau Manor is the perfect place for holding parties and receptions, at the same time leaving space for those who seek isolation and privacy.  

Manor’s wine cellar and cigar room

There is a wine cellar in the vault of the Kau Manor mansion. According to the research of the archaeologist Villu Kadakas, the vaults of the main building date back to the 14-15th century. In the wine cellar, there are carefully chosen wines from the Old World and even the most knowledgeable wine bon vivant will discover something new.

Manor park

At first, the Kau Manor park will be restored on four hectares with walking paths through the apple orchard and flower beds. Also, the stone fences around the manor’s territory will be restored, as well as three ponds by which it’s ideal to enjoy the evening sun. The park creates a distinguished and unique historical atmosphere to the surroundings of the manor. On a picnic in the park you will feel how everyday problems disappear into oblivion.

Garden pavilion

Behind the main building there is a garden pavilion by the pond which is the perfect place for having smaller private parties or a romantic dinner just for two.

Concert hall in the stable

In the historical Kau Manor the stable is the theatre-concert hall for up to 180 people. Because of its wonderful acoustics, it’s suitable for chamber music and theatrical performances as well as for jazz and rock concerts. Summer theatre and concerts are going to take place here in cooperation with various theatres and concert managers. Follow the programme on Kau Manor homepage.

Stable-coach house seminar hall-galleries

On the ground floor of the stable-coach house, there are two seminar halls and art galleries. After the concert or theatre performance visitors have a wonderful opportunity to walk through the manor park to the gallery, enjoy the exhibition and then dine at the manor restaurant.

Sauna complex and pool

Stable-coach house also holds a sauna complex with a pool. It is possible to rent only the sauna complex for smaller functions.

Studio rooms

On the second floor of the stable-coach house, there are 9 studio guest rooms. Each room has a spacious glass balcony where the guests can enjoy a cosy evening. The rooms are both for guests and participants of courses. In cooperation with different creative societies and universities, we offer the guestrooms to artists and writers for their creative work.


In the second phase of Kau Manor’s renovation in 2013 additional guest rooms and day-spa will be built in the storehouse-dryer.

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